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Pioneering and passionate in our ways and approach.

VVM: A Pioneer with Passion


A pioneering and passionate company approaches business as any person would face any challenge in life. Problems are opportunities that test our human and intellectual skills and abilities. One can only succeed in any endeavour through experience and learning how to solve problems by facing them and considering the unique issues that need our close attention and active problem-solving acumen. Sometimes, the skills only come in the process of meeting the challenges. Through such experiences, an individual or a company develops its capacity to help more people.   

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Pioneering and passionate in our ways and approach.

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VVM utilizes the "BEST of BREED" technology in its infrastructure.

Avaya Predictive Dialer: VVM is one of the Largest Avaya Predictive Dialler site in South Africa with over 400 dialler seats and over 1 000 Call Centre Seats.

  • VVM ECO PARK, 332 Kent Avenue, Randburg
    South Africa